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Rachel Rossi
Los Angeles County
I've served as a #LACounty Public Defender, a Federal Public Defender and now I'm running for #LADA2020. Join me in the fight for justice in LA. #Rachel4DA
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From @KaraRBrown
The LAPD union does not want @GeorgeGascon to be the next DA which is a very good sign that he definitely should be.
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From @thatcarr
@KaraRBrown @ANDREWTI @GeorgeGascon he has a better shot at the runoff but @Rachel4DA is really great
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thatcarr: @georgegascon co-authored the disastrous #Prop47. Even Garcetti isn't a fan of the huge damage George Gascon did. @KaraRBrown #LADA2020