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Rachael Larimore
Cincinnati, Ohio
Managing editor, @thedispatch. Formerly @bulwarkonline, @weeklystandard, @slate. Not as outlandish as I could be. Frequently beleaguered Ohio sports fan.
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.@RachaelBL & #WeeklyStandard are locked in a censorship battle with @imillhiser & #ThinkProgress. Who'll get to censor whom? All are strict authoritarians who seek to stifle dissent. Opposing censorship is beyond all of them.
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@24AheadDotCom_ @imillhiser Iโ€™m about 70 percent libertarian but whatever.
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.@RachaelBL replies "Iโ€™m about 70 percent libertarian but whatever." in re @imillhiser. I'm No Labels + When will you write posts against Millhiser showing him wrong rather than using force to silence him (and vice versa)?