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the crater of liberty
Liberty in economics, speech, gov. CNN gave up integrity & facts. For DJTrump. Godwin went full Godwin. So why not us. For Open Society, not a lawless one.
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Hm. @metpoliceuk
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.@heymikey80: sharrockanime27 says he has autism & probably isn't a direct/indirect threat to anyone. Perhaps you should have the smarts and sanity to pick your spots instead of punching way, way down to prove the point that you're a shameless partisan hack. @metpoliceuk
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.@heymikey80: @MarcoRubio isn't credible because his plan is fantastic and doesn't account for what @NCLR @ACLU etc would do. #tcot #sgp #p2
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Why @MarcoRubio isn't credible on #immigration: @heymikey80 @cmoorerltr @michelelfrost @smitty_one_each @itsEric
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From @heymikey80
@24AheadDotCom @marcorubio not cred because liberals oppose him? Not sure it's a credible argument.