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Helping @washingtonpost @Contexte @GroundTruth (and others) to make sense of Europe. President @cafebabel_eng. DM for Signal, Telegram etc.
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Here is a story about a village in Malta and its leader, Mayor Paul. Mayor Paul Buttigieg.
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From @chicoharlan
There is not just Mayor Paul Buttigieg, but Former Mayor Vince Buttigieg. And Opposition Leader Karl Buttigieg. But…
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From @QuentinAries
@chicoharlan brillant! Love it!
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.@QuentinAries: you cheer @chicoharlan fluff piece on Buttigiegs in Malta. You & he are paid *not* to call candidates - Pete, Trump, etc - on the huge flaws in things that matter: their plans. Don't you worry that one day soon your fan(s) will realize you greatly harm them?