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Rachel Held Evans
Dayton, TN
Doubt-filled believer, author of Searching for Sunday, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, Faith Unraveled. Wife of @danieljonce.
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From @JenniferNeyhart
RT @rachelheldevans: This is an assault on the free press. This is not normal. This is not okay.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JenniferNeyhart @rachelheldevans: Trump needs proxies. So, use his #NBC comments to put them on the spot & force them to back away from DT
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@rachelheldevans: hi Rachel, #immigration stance of @DrMoore helps increase # of kids dying in the desert. Do you too not care about that?
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From @Glaivester
.@24AheadDotCom @rachelheldevans Is Moore's position influenced by the desires of donors like #PaulSinger?
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From @Glaivester
.@24AheadDotCom @rachelheldevans You know who #PaulSinger is, right?