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s/w developer, marathon runner, Welsh Corgi owner, ComicCon addict, love my '65 Mustang, Cubs fan, Lincoln collector, Mom/Wife, 2nd Amend, Veterans, #TGDN
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.@PurebredPolly @RevGodhi: you can encourage widely-read bloggers to do that. Then, point out to Lind's supporters how she's deceiving.
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.@PurebredPolly @RevGodhi: one thing to do now is for 1 or more to write a post showing how @DLind 's Murrieta post at #Vox is deceptive.
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.@PurebredPolly: @DLind of #Vox smeared #Murrieta protesters. Will you help me discredit her & Yglesias/Klein to their supporters? #tcot