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Mike D
Youngstown, OH
I RT a lot, never manually. Cleveland sports, hashtags, and lean libertarian. Use same sn on Gab.
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CONSERVATIVES - RETWEET! .@Twitter Please Restore @LMDMancini’s Account. This Is An Unfair Attack. I Challenge Y…
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From @TruckerBobS
@POLITICSandFUN @Twitter @LMDMancini This is the third account that show I’m blocked today. @twitter is keeping con…
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From @pupbroofdog
@TruckerBobS @POLITICSandFUN @Twitter @LMDMancini It's showing me suspended
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@pupbroofdog: FYI, @truckerbobs blocked me for seeking his help against Soros: You do the math.
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From @pupbroofdog
RT @GARock945: You have to be a real America hater to take $2.5 billion from our veterans and give it to Syrian refugees.Who earned it,who …
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@pupbroofdog @GARock945: #Teaparty & #Trump2016 could have helped stop Obama's refugees agenda but do nothing or do dumb things. #fingers