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Our Lady's Dowry
Salvation of souls. Nothing else matters. Husband, father to Gabriel & Ariel, deacon. Confess Faith in time of heresy. Antisemitism/Holocaust denial blocked
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From @ProtecttheFaith
.@BreitbartLondon @RaheemKassam UK citizens who care about free speech need to WAKE UP
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From @jfbradley48
@ProtecttheFaith @BreitbartLondon @RaheemKassam I thought we had freedom of speech in this country or is it the prโ€ฆ
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jfbradley48 @ProtecttheFaith: if fighting for open debate (even if he doesn't support it himself but let's put that aside) is part of @RaheemKassam 's job description he's obviously incompetent. If it isn't, he's just an entertainer of no use to open debate. Which is it?