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Jennifer Miller
Brooklyn, NY
Journalist, Author, Mom. Co-wrote MR. NICE GUY (St. Martins Press, 2018) with my hubby, @heyfeifer.
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From @Nothercupacafe
I think I'm supposed to say "this one's personal" - because, yea it is. Thanks to @propjen and @wpmagazine for tell…
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From @Nothercupacafe
Also, this is Emily, welcoming my youngest home from the hospital. Ella es mi familia, esto no es caridad. #SaveTPS
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From @Nothercupacafe
So, I wrote a thing about that thing ️, if you'd care to read it. Thanks to @clairlemon and @QuilletteM for the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Nothercupacafe: your "A Liberal’s Plea for a Moderate Immigration Policy" at the Home Of The Intellectual Dark Web is mostly right about Trump but ignorant otherwise. You ignore impacts of emigration (braindrain, reliance on remittances, etc.) You only have a plea, not plans.