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Eric Weddle
Chicago, IL
Roofer, UChicago MBA, ex-Consultant, wannabe accountant, Kevin M. Murphy fan club member, follower of Royals baseball, occasional tweeter
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From @RoyBeck_NUSA
To accomodate 2.82m additional residents, 1,220 sq miles of Fla orchards, marshes and other eco-systems disappeared
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From @eric_weddle
@RoyBeck_NUSA So adding 18% more residents required urbanization of 1.9% more of Florida's land?
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From @RoyBeck_NUSA
@eric_weddle Actually, pop. & urbanized land BOTH grew by about 18%.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RoyBeck_NUSA: if you cave and do things my way, few will know about it. If you don't, then you'll be out of a job this year. Choose, Roy.