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Lyle Tellingheusen
Aunt Myrna's mauve guestroom
Temporary part time parking valet. Full time Stay at Home Nephew. (@pearlsfrommyrna) Check out my Precious Moments bongs on Etsy.
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From @PearlsFromMyrna
I’m so thankful Lyle handles my Twitter fees. I just hand him $40 each month and he takes care of it!
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From @nephewlyle
@PearlsFromMyrna no singles this time pleeze
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nephewlyle: one of the "fees" Twitter imposes on everyone is censoring replies to Medvedev, Trump officials, Rouhani, etc. etc. (see my pinned tweet). Twitter helps Medvedev etc hide from dissent, and that has a direct impact on you & Myrna.