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Host of @WaitWait on @NPR. Author of "The Incomplete Book of Running," from Simon and Schuster, now available at independent bookstores or via link below.
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I'll be on vacation all next week.
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@jonathanchait That can’t be right. You once said liberals should hope for Trump to win the nomination!
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@petersagal @jonathanchait He also supported the Iraq War and still does
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.@sunraysunray: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base. A few smart campaigns & he'd be as popular as Steyer. @jonathanchait has the means to at least help with those. Either he lacks the will or the smarts, which do you think it is?
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.@willmenaker: both you & @jonathanchait have access to Cortes/Jennings/etc. Here's how you or Chait could easily undercut Trump to his base. Will you be first? If you won't do this plan, then list what you've done that has been more effective.
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.@petersagal: maybe you can help @jonathanchait out. He's having trouble thinking: #NYMag