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#Boston sports and @ChelseaFC
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From @Vet4SafeSchools
Information: @secupp has moved to the dark side. How ignorant does one have to be to believe any ICE or USBP agent…
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From @PersonOnTwitt3r
@Vet4SafeSchools @secupp It fuckin happened chief, deal with it
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From @Vet4SafeSchools
@PersonOnTwitt3r @secupp And this “document” shared by @secupp is partial. What makes you think it’s real? Because she has a blue check? T
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Vet4SafeSchools @PersonOnTwitt3r: in 2011, @secupp led a bogus "debate" here on #Twitter. Use it to undercut her: she's just an airhead hack. #MAGA #resist