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KC 🧢🐐☂️
Indiana, USA
Wife, Mom of 2, Multiracial family, YANG GANG, Orbit/EXOL/ARMY/BLINK/SONE/BlackJack/Miracle, Multifandom AF, Millennial Nerd and you cant stand it.
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From @ACLU
History has been made this year.
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From @HaertScar
@ACLU Why u lying bout andrew yangs policies? Like what you think people don't know his policies? Morons
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HaertScar @KCtheKPopLegend: you claim ACLU is lying re #YangGang (image). If so, why can't he fight his own battles & engage them intellectually & show them wrong? P.S. Both your replies were censored. When will Yang speak out re my pinned tweet?