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Szabolcs Panyi
Budapest, Magyarország
🇭🇺 investigative journalist @direkt36 | @EuroPressPrize 2018 laureate | ✉️
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From @ak_mack
You don’t need to look to The Handmaid’s Tale as an example of what happens when the state controls reproduction. C…
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From @panyiszabolcs
@ak_mack And Hungarians living near the border made a fortune by smuggling contraceptives.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@panyiszabolcs: @ak_mack blogs "Romania under Ceausescu created a dystopian horror of overcrowded, filthy orphanages, and thousands died from back-alley abortions." That's horrific, but how many kids alive today weren't aborted? Wouldn't a real journalist mention that?