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Washington, DC
Washington bureau chief @TheBuffaloNews. Adjunct professor @merrillcollege. Former president @PressClubDC and former @niemanfdn fellow. Funnier on Facebook.
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An anguished congressman-turned-felon faces his fate: My full write-through on the Chris Collins sentencing.
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From @SafetyBrett13
@JerryZremski Excellent scribing throughout this saga. Journalism at its best when they came at you - no wavering.…
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.@SafetyBrett13: at the time, @JerryZremski asked Collins if he supports Trump's policies... & that's it. He didn't really press him on the huge flaws in Trump's plans which I saw in 2015 & which have now become apparent to most. Like how his "wall" would fail.
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.@JerryZremski asked Rep. Collins if he supports Trump's plans, but @NickGass didn't ask the same of Rep. Hunter. Journalist vs scribe.