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Adam Gopnik
New York, NY
writer @newyorker // Upcoming book on liberalism can be pre-ordered here:
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I wrote about Mayor Pete, premium tier media, and what happens when ‘intelligence’ gets turned into a meme.
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.@jaycaspiankang: no #TheResistance leader (or those like @adamgopnik) are aware enuf to realize they only help Trump. Even if they were aware, they'd lack the smarts/life experience to undercut a dim buffoon with unimplementable plans. That'd be hilarious if USA wasn't harmed.
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.@adamgopnik: if you hired a Dream Team to oppose Trump, would you choose those who've just been writers, esp those who failed to stop him?
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.@adamgopnik blogs "The Music Donald Trump Can't Hear". He's written for #NewYorker for 31 years, which is perhaps part of his problem.