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Keith Roberts 🇺🇸
College Station, TX
Husband, Father, Conservative, Christian, (ret)OIF/OEF Vet, Small Business Owner, News Junky. as for me and my house...Jsh24:15 College Station, TX #MAGA 🇺🇸
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From @mitchellvii
What is the logical rationale for a #BlueWave? Name a single compelling Democrat policy? Name a single compelling…
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From @Roberts175
@mitchellvii @pkfanderson I think their #bluewave was counting on #DACA , their families, and their family’s famili…
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From @ribbonere
@Roberts175 @mitchellvii @pkfanderson Weird that DACA doesn't grant citizenship or voting rights to anyone
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From @Roberts175
@ribbonere @mitchellvii @pkfanderson Weird that DACA grants Drivers Licenses in every state. Weird the NVRA (Moto…
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From @Roberts175
@ribbonere @mitchellvii @pkfanderson #DACA + Motor Voter = #BlueWave
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Roberts175: if you want to stop Trump's amnesty, then campaign against all Trump leaders/proxies that enable it: Cernovich, Dilbert, Scott Jennings, etc. Make it a CLM for them. If they see amnesty as a career killer, they'll do *everything* to stop it. #MAGA #NoAmnesty