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Policy Analyst @DemosAction. Essayist. The wonks have interpreted the world, the point is to change it. seanadrianmc [at] gmail
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.@GeoffThorne @SeanMcElwee @SamSeder: since 1965, has there been a campaign to make USA less white, yes or no? Your reps are on the line.
MT @SeanMcElwee weird active campaign to make America white thru mass deportation & racial terror isn't more central issue in our politics.
His DACA expired & he jumped border fence. MT @SeanMcElwee Absolutely horrifying: The first DREAMer has been deported under Trump.
.@SeanMcElwee @MattBruenig: endless reasons @MattYglesias is wrong: #immigration #Slate #tcot #ows #tlot
.@SeanMcElwee @MattBruenig: @MattYglesias is the very definition of #NeoLiberal: loose borders, free trade. #immigration #Slate #tcot #ows
.@SeanMcElwee: @MattYglesias is a Tom Friedman Jr. He could only answer the easiest of these: #immigration #ows