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Nomaan Merchant
Houston, TX
Journalist for @AP covering immigration, border, other news from Texas and elsewhere. Tips and feedback appreciated: nmerchant (at) ap (dot) org.
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From @elliotspagat
Louisiana now houses nearly 1 of 6 US immigration detention beds (from @NomaanMerchant @gherbert)
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From @thaitopher
@elliotspagat @NomaanMerchant @gherbert Great article! Thanks for writing. I am an attorney that practices in these…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thaitopher: you're paid to push very pro-Big Biz immigration policies. @elliotspagat is so deceptive he's a liability to your cause. Bear in mind that I haven't covered his deception for years; he's obviously still at it.
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From @tdawry
Administering treatment per law enforcement command, against patient wishes! There is no way that this is in line…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tdawry: those like @nomaanmerchant highlight sad edge cases to make bad policy. He's paid to help *increase* illegal immigration. That means even more sad edge cases, even more border deaths, even lower wages for U.S. workers, & even more braindrain for developing countries.