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YinzerKev 🇺🇸
Pittsburgh, PA
Refugee from CA Happy in PA #HereWeGo #LetsGoPens ~ #Deplorable #MAGA #KAG #Cult45 ~ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Zionist, Pro-Life ~ Married #Catholic #Cantor ✝ No lists #IFB
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From @NoHoKev
RT @FaithGoldy: To every brave Toronto police officer & law-abiding citizen: I STAND WITH YOU! I am the only mayoral candidate who will g…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NoHoKev: there are devastating arguments that'd undercut pro-sanctuary leaders to their base, has @FaithGoldy made them? She RTs Pegida Canada (!!) In DE they're very unpopular & just COINTELPRO mass #immigration. Unless she uses smarter arguments she just helps the bad guys.
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From @Chris_1791
#FirefightingSexism: Fire Brigade Chief Launches Campaign to Stop People Saying ‘Fireman’ v…
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From @NoHoKev
@Chris_1791 @BreitbartNews Christ Almighty...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NoHoKev: FYI, Chris_1791 blocked me for trying to get his help blocking amnesty: