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Noam Levey
National healthcare reporter, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau
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.@NoamLevey: first rule of propaganda: put some effort into it, make it at least slightly credible. You & @finneganLAT aren't even trying.
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RT @markzbarabak: .@finneganLAT talked to Trump voters in Arizona about DACA, cutting deals w/Dems. U won't believe what happened next http…
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.@NoamLevey: Mesa population: 484k & most conservative. @finneganLAT only interviewed 12 (0.02%), all fans of Trump & amnesty. Odd, no?
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.@NoamLevey: you refer to "immigrants left out of #obamacare". Are you too trained to realize how you're being deceptive? #LATimes #LAT #sgp