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Noah Finneburgh
Dem political consultant. Unoriginal views belong only to me. Eric Trump, Michael Cohen, Herman Cain, James Woods, Scott Baio & Jerry Falwell Jr. blocked me. :(
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From @CortesSteve
Eliana the President can, as I'm sure you are aware, declassify anything at anytime. If he chose to discuss it wi…
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From @NoahFinneburgh
@CortesSteve Ha! You think Trump has the attention span to pay attention to what is and what isn’t classified.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NoahFinneburgh: your bio says you "mock Trump & his enablers". Maybe if you did something grown-up for a change you'd have better luck. The smart way to undercut Trump is to engage Cortes etc in debate & show them wrong to their base. Incredibly easy for me, impossible for you