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I am appalled at what Trump & the GOP are doing to destroy our great nation. We must resist & fight for the future of our children and the future of America.
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No surprises, @NikitaKitty has blocked me over pointing out her idols have feet of clay:
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RT @theprospect: . @julianzelizer on why we should look back to 1968 as we try to figure out what the nation is going through today https:/…
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.@NikitaKitty: @julianzelizer can't answer my simple question: A Princeton prof can't show *me* wrong.
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RT @NikitaKitty: I read Donald Trump's immigration plan, and it's even crueler than I expected via @voxdotcom
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.@9a1e6c8a99984e2 @NikitaKitty: Ezra Klein is lying to you. He's a comfy, corp-funded NeoLiberal who wants loose #immigration & free trade.