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Frederik Pleitgen
CNN Senior International Correspondent and Anchor
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Putin echoes GOP arguments on impeachment @fpleitgenCNN reports
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@TheLeadCNN @jaketapper @fpleitgenCNN Can't imagine why Putin is so interested in our elections?
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.@ladyvictoria8: @fpleitgencnn vlogs what Putin says, without any sort of analysis. Putin's a very smart intelligence officer. Unlike Trump, he's actually playing 3d chess. Pleitgen daren't discuss why Putin does the things he does lest he spoil CNN's impeachment OCD.
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Today we are joined by @fpleitgenCNN and Claudia Otto from @CNN . First we will fly just to the northwest of Kulusu…
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@omgnasa @fpleitgenCNN @CNN @fpleitgenCNN and Claudia Otto from @CNN @ClimateBits @omgnasa Looking forward to see the reports!
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.@wittewx: 10s of millions believe Drudge/Fox/etc headlines against "climate change". The science may be "settled", but the debate isn't (thus the push to censor "deniers"). Given that, is it high or low watt for @fpleitgenCNN to work "climate change" into his Greenland tale?