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AP western political writer. Father, hiker, pizza snob, Mets fan. RTs confirm your darkest suspicions. Signal, WhatsApp + voice (720) 470-4319
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A Venezuelan husband and wife were turned over for deportation by a Florida state park worker last week when they t…
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@hannahdreier @NickRiccardi Citizen activism.
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.@EdAsante77: see the cute reply from @nickriccardi here: Since then, has he ever asked any newsmaker anything remotely approaching a tough policy question? Aren't those like him part of the reason why Trump is president?
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.@NickRiccardi: in which future decade do you see yourself being a real reporter & asking questions like those in my bio? #immigration #tcot
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.@NickRiccardi: I understand. I'm here to hold those with power accountable, you're here to play around. #immigration @beckytallent #tcot
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.@NickRiccardi: have you asked @beckytallent about her policies that screw American workers, or isn't that the type of reporting you do?
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@24AheadDotCom @beckytallent Uh, not before I retweet someone, no, I typically dont conduct an interview,