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Nick Bilton
Los Angeles, CA
Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair. Author of New York Times-bestsellers, "AMERICAN KINGPIN" & "HATCHING TWITTER." Host of "Inside the Hive" podcast.
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From @nickbilton
On Inside the Hive this week @gabrielsherman tells this short hilarious and sad story about Trump that pretty muc…
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From @VtSusie
@nickbilton @gabrielsherman Gesus.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Here's a smarts/sanity test. You run into a Trump proxy (Cortes etc). You have a camera. What do you ask them on video (for Youtube) that would undercut Trump to his base? MT @VtSusie [doesn't get it] MT @nickbilton [childish blog about Trump joking about his middle name]