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Twitter Gulag, South of Hell
#MAGA☆RIP nia4_trump☆#FreeNia☆ Nationalist• Purveyor of Truth• Connoisseur of Sarcasm• Divulger of Hypocrisies• Aspiring helicopter pilot• Defend Europe• #Shed
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.@NiaMAGA3X: I wanted *just* stringent screening w/o regard to religion or country. Coulter wanted to ban one religion from the USA, something that's obviously impossible. Was @AnnCoulter supporting a realistic plan, yes or no? #MAGA
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Neither have I, since 2002. The huge difference is - unlike Coulter - I use smart arguments & come up with smart plans. MT @NiaMAGA3X Coulter has never once deviated from her immigration stance #MAGA