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Todd Hutchens
Salem, OR
Beating the bongos since birth. Drummer of 8MD, Eight Minute Daydream, Eddyville.
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From @RonWyden
A participant at today’s Lincoln County #2020townhall put it perfectly — “This is how democracy works.” It’s true!…
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From @toddhutchens
@RonWyden Never mind Immigration reform? Get it done. It more than time to get it done.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I assume you - like Trump, Pelosi, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, Koch, etc - are a big fan of "reform". Is it liberal to help Big Biz by flooding the labor supply? MT @toddhutchens [to RonWyden] Never mind Immigration reform?...