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California, USA
7 million Americans and counting agree: Donald Trump is unfit to be president. Join us to help take back our country.
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From @helenmag
RT @sdwoody1977: @Need2Impeach @TomSteyer There's more skeletons in his closet. The carpet layer in New York that he didn't pay a dime to…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump is extremely vulnerable *to his base* on his unimplementable plans. @Need2Impeach & @TomSteyer refuse to call him out where he's weakest. MT @helenmag MT @sdwoody1977 There's more skeletons in [Trump's] closet [he only gave a waiter a 9% tip in 1978 or some other BS]
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From @Need2Impeach
For years, Trump has ripped off small business-people and refused to pay contractors.
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From @bemuir_ronkon79
@Need2Impeach Don’t forget the 33 million in unpaid taxes his golf resort owed the commonwealth of Puerto Rico when he filed for bankruptcy.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump's response to PR is provably incompetent. If @Need2Impeach were smart they'd press Trump proxies into admitting Trump's incompetence, undercutting the "4d chess" scam. Is Need2Impeach doing that smart thing? MT @bemuir_ronkon79 [Trump allegedly owed taxes in #PuertoRico]