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Natalie Jackson
Washington, DC
Research Director @PRRIpoll (opinions my own), polisci PhD, adjunct prof @AU_SPA,❤️ all things data/surveys/stats, @BonJovi, food, running/fitness
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.@HuffmonPolitics @nataliemj10: P.S. get used to this (via tweet & email), and good luck:
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This shift explains so much more of current politics than it gets credit for... all the white fear, feeling a way o…
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@nataliemj10 Yup, you definitely want to check out, “Make America Christian Again: Christian Nationalism and Voting…
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You two seem quite gleeful about it. When did we vote on such a huge demographic change, or was there no vote & it was achieved through trickery? MT @HuffmonPolitics MT @nataliemj10 [smear concerns about white Christians declining from 81% in 1976 to 43% in 2016 as "white fear"]