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Kate Linthicum
Los Angeles
@latimes reporter based in Mexico City
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.@JennyJarvie & @katelinthicum of #LAT blog "Migrants trapped in sweltering truck in Texas were 'lying on the floor like meat,' driver says"
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.@BenWeinthal: in 2014 you sent letter to @LATreadersrep over @katelinthicum "improperly lifted material from this story". Did they answer?
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Shocking. Sad. People are desperate.
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.@CalliopeCo: those like @katelinthicum & #LATimes urge ppl to cross border illegally, & some die. She & they have blood on their hands.
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RT @katelinthicum: "We can't breath!" We spoke to the family of one suffocating migrant who made a desperate call from inside the truck htt…
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.@KellyLoyGilbert: there's only two ways to stop illegal aliens from dying in hot trucks: open borders or strict #immigration enforcement.
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.@KellyLoyGilbert: we'll never have open borders. @katelinthicum & #LATimes are partly responsible for those deaths: they urge ppl to cross.
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MT @BenWeinthal Sent letter to @LATreadersrep ,the @latimes reader rep, bc @katelinthicum improperly lifted material from this story// #tcot