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Hey Canada, you accepting US asylum seekers? Seriously, there’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere! Have grammar books. Read a lot, write, and, these days, pray.
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From @Doc4CampClosure
Storming Trump International Hotel - a grotesque display of endulgance - to say that doctors will no longer tolerat…
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From @alexiskelleyLA
@Doc4CampClosure @DrChristineMann @CBSPolitics @CNN @washingtonpost @nprpolitics @nowthisnews @BuzzFeed…
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.@alexiskelleyLA: Trump's horrible, but @Doc4CampClosure would greatly harm MX via braindrain, increase border deaths by increasing illegal immigration, help Big Biz lower wages, & more. Plus, they aren't smart enough to use smarter tactics than cheesy street protests.