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Tyler Dukes
Raleigh, NC
Investigative reporter at @WRAL. Data and public records. 2017 @niemanfdn fellow. @Duke_DeWitt adjunct. Powered by gas station coffee and Eastern NC barbecue.
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From @mtdukes
RT @thadogburn: Great work by @madisoniszler that looks at some of the truths and myths about immigration and farming in NC.…
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.@mtdukes: if this were 1800s, it's hard to imagine @thadogburn & @madisoniszler *not* writing pro-slavery articles. #MAGA #immigration
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From @herbertnyt
RT @jswatz: In her moving goodbye speech to the newsroom, retiring immigration reporter @JuliaPrestonNYT focused on the power and primacy o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@herbertnyt @mtdukes: FYI, just one example of @JuliaPrestonNYT deceiving her readers: #NYTimes