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Amy Tarkanian
Las Vegas, Nevada
•Mom of 4• @dannytarkanian is my handsome hubby•FMR NV State GOP Chairman•Radio & TV•Don't let someone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes
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.@MrsT106: current arguments just reach out to #MAGA & that's pointless. These arguments would make supporting DACA amnesty/DREAMAct politically toxic: When can we expect you to urge Trump to use those arguments? #FoxNews
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.@MrsT106: you were on C-r-e-s-s-b- @IngrahamAngle about Trump using DACA as a bargaining chip. There are smart arguments Trump could make that'd undercut Pelosi etc *to their base* over DACA. That's sine qua non. Why won't he make them, & why won't you suggest them to him?