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Football Analyst CBS Sports * Author: You Negotiate Like A Girl * Chairman of Board BIG3 * Boards of Tony La Russa's ARF and LA Sports/Entertainment Commission
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Jerry Jones taught me many expressions - once during a league meeting he said “we need to get down to the to lick l…
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From @jaredstill
@AmyTrask That makes absolutely zero sense to me Who...why...wait, when would someone...I give up.
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.@jaredstill @AmyTrask: I looked it up. Jerry Jones' "lick log" refers to a salt lick. What doesn't make sense to me is kneeball. One weak play followed by 30s to 10m of... nothing. It's like a real football practice for very special players who need their every move scripted.
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Once again, to the person(s) who figured out how to get television and internet on airplanes, I love you.
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From @gpublicity1
@AmyTrask When you watch on a plane, do you have to stop yourself from swearing out loud at a play like I do? And hi.
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.@gpublicity1 @AmyTrask: kneeball is culturally-toxic. They even put someone involved in a double murder in the Hall of Fame (OJ was already in the HoF when he did his murders, I'm talking about Ray Lewis). They'll probably put Myles Garrett in the HoF too. Try real football.