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American Privilege,USA
Radio Host- Life, Love & Liberty, Socio-Poli-Cultural Epidemiologist aka Lifestyle Expert Sun 12-2pm 95.5FM WSB Author BFF @catturd2
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.@monicaonairtalk: I'd use this to destroy @GaryTuchmanCNN 's career. I can't describe how ruthless I'd be: I'd seek to completely destroy him. @williamsforga, OTOH, is just another yahoo doing his part to help #CNN & the wealthy. #Georgia
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My vote is officially for @williamsforga. You can find my why at The Monica Matthews Facebook page. The End.
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.@monicaonairtalk: if I got into an #immigration debate with @GaryTuchmanCNN I'd destroy his career. @williamsforga doesn't represent my interests: he's just another witless yahoo entertainer Tuchman used to enabled wage-lowering mass immigration. Not #MAGA.