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Megan Cassella
Washington, DC
Trade reporter for @politico. MD born, @UNC bred. "Our founding fathers understood trade much better than our current politicians, believe me." -Donald J. Trump
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From @ohkirsten
@mmcassella @tebartl Reminder that Jared Kushner picked this guy based on where he was on Amazon’s algorithm for book sales.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump's horrific, but it's hilarious to see libs take the bait from those like @mmcassella who are paid to push a very pro-Big Biz line. MT @ohkirsten Reminder that Jared Kushner picked this guy [Navarro] based on where he was on Amazon’s algorithm for book sales
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From @FreeGirlNowNYC
@mmcassella @Susan_Hennessey @tebartl People are saying he’s John Barron’s BFF
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FreeGirlNowNYC: yes, other people on the same Twitter thread said the same thing ("Ron Vara"="John Barron"). Lib mythology says you think for yourselves, not just act like trained sheep. "Vara" is because Navarro's policies would hurt Big Biz while helping workers.
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From @mmcassella
Peter Navarro, Trump's trade adviser and chief cheerleader of his China policy, has apparently been quoting staunch…
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From @gregolear
@mmcassella @tebartl Does Ron Vara know John Barron?
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From @BrianRFriedman
@gregolear @mmcassella @tebartl He’s married to Meredith McIver. Where is she, anyway?
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From @MalDrogo
@mmcassella @tebartl Donald Trump is taking the advice of someone's imaginary friend. This is shockingly on-brand.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I expect better from you, Mal. Trump's horrific, but Megan Cassella is smearing Navarro to help billionaires profit from free trade & globalism. If she ever even questioned those she'd be out of a job. MT @MalDrogo MT @mmcassella [Peter Navarro "has an imaginary friend"]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Is Peter Navarro right or wrong about trade? Trump's horrific, but you're hearing about PN because the establishment wants free trade/globalism despite the huge problems it creates for workers. MT @BrianRFriedman [cheap joke attempt] MT @gregolear [cheap joke attempt]