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Ioana Marinescu
Philadelphia, PA
Economist, @PennSP2 professor, @NBERpubs. Policy, labor, #antitrust, #MinimumWage, #BasicIncome, #CarbonTax. Romanian-born, French-raised, philosophy enthusiast
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From @JessCKim1
My amazing labor economist professor @mioana at UPenn giving a shoutout to @scottsantens and @AndrewYang this morni…
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From @mioana
@JessCKim1 @scottsantens @AndrewYang And I am accepting PhD students like @JessCKim1 for next year @PennSP2 if you…
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From @fvalemus
@mioana @JessCKim1 @scottsantens @AndrewYang @PennSP2 Went to Wharton for EMBA, didn't meet you. Kudos for bringi…
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From @mioana
@fvalemus @JessCKim1 @scottsantens @AndrewYang @PennSP2 Yes, I talked to Greg a couple of weeks ago when I presente…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mioana: per Dennis Culhane on 60Minutes, the reason for homelessness is "There's just not enough housing to filter down to the lower-income people." Wouldn't a real, honest scholar admit cultural issues ("greed is good" etc) & resulting anti-American NeoLiberal policies?