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mike spies
New York, USA
Reporting for @propublica. Email: DM or email for Signal.
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From @davidmcswane
Some fun backstory on how we got this story - we got the confirmation we needed through a Ring doorbell speaker. My…
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From @BErickson_BIO
@davidmcswane @mikespiesnyc @JakePearsonProP "Solomon says his personal attorneys, Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensi…
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From @TexarkanaFed
@davidmcswane @maggieNYT @JakePearsonProP @mikespiesnyc Great work logging off twitter and doing real work. Too bad…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BErickson_BIO: Rudy's always been incredibly vulnerable to MAGA: TTC, national ID, Rockefeller, amnesty, and all the other things you & @davidmcswane agree with him on & those daren't mention. I'll inform your fans that you can't/won't go after Rudy where he's truly vulnerable
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TexarkanaFed: those like @davidmcswane have never gone after Rudy where he's incredibly vulnerable. They're just entertainers playing to an echo chamber. They *help* Trump by ignoring his & his lackeys' huge vulnerabilities.