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Mike Nicolella
seattle, wa
Programmer@Bungie - tweets are my personal expression only! Formerly FunBits/SCEA/Zipper. #NotMyPresident #SinglePayerNow
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From @markzbarabak
Dealing with Democrats? Protecting 'Dreamers'? Here in Arizona that's just fine with these Trump supporters
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From @lamblock
@markzbarabak Not fine in Georgia. Totally loses my support. Nothing great about a "dreamer" making your life a nig…
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From @MikeNicolella
@lamblock @markzbarabak "Making your life a nightmare." Lol, come on. Your life isn't bad because some kid grew up here.
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From @lamblock
@MikeNicolella @markzbarabak Really? My father figure is dead because of one. The one who cost me $10,00+ in legal…
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From @MikeNicolella
@lamblock @markzbarabak DACA folks need clean records. Criminal = not a dreamer.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MikeNicolella: <6000 MX students excel at math per year. If some are here as DREAMers, does that help or hurt Mexico? #TheResistance