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Jim Dotson
Bentonville, AR
Dad to three awesome kids, Husband to one beautiful wife. AR State Representative. Re-tweets are not endorsements.
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We must make sure our students are as safe as possible from those that might try to harm them. Clarksville...
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.@RepJimDotson: I realize you're a lunkhead playing to lunkheads, but arming teachers isn't the solution. Someone who wants to do that would just take out the gym teacher or use a different kind of weapon like poison or a truck (a la Nice). That's just a bandaid for lunkheads.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RepJimDotson: Whittier kid threatened to shoot up school over being disciplined for headphones. Did things like that happen when machine guns were legal? At most very rarely. The problem is culture & you're too much of a lunkhead to help with that. #StudentsStandUp #Arkansas