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Megan Cristina
San Francisco, CA
Policy @SlackHQ, previously @Twitter and @YahooInc. Views are mine.
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From @yoyoel
If someone can figure out what this graph I drew at 3am when I couldn’t fall back asleep means, I promise it’ll rev…
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From @megancristina
@yoyoel When I first read this, the red and blue writing looked like “unicorn” and “also unicorn.” Whatever you wer…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@megancristina: hey Megan, I don't want to be a bummer & neg your day, but @yoyoel lies to millions of people. No, totally! He & #Twitter, like, ghost millions of their users. Yoel Roth makes users think their replies are visible but, like, hides them. It's time to have morals.