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GOP No More
United States
#NeverTrump, #NeverBernie all day, every day. Ex-GOP, still conservative. I follow back everyone except for Trumpkin Cultists and/or Bernout Cultists.
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From @baseballcrank
To be fair, one of those people is Joe Biden.
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From @McCainisbetter
@baseballcrank Except his kid was never being investigated, so there’s that.
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From @Nickarama1
@McCainisbetter @baseballcrank Shokin sure thought he was.
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From @McCainisbetter
@Nickarama1 @baseballcrank But he wasn’t.
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From @Nickarama1
@McCainisbetter @baseballcrank You might want to consult Shokin's testimony.
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From @McCainisbetter
@Nickarama1 @baseballcrank Why? It’s irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what Trump did. He is the sittin…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@McCainisbetter: now @nickarama1 of #RedState is assisting the SJW campaign against Justin Trudeau. Cons should oppose dumpster diving and "cancel culture". Nick should move to Huff Post or MMFA.