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Crime reporter in Charm City for @baltimoresun. Signal/WhatsApp: 410-818-8073
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VIDEO of 24-year-old David Katz, the Baltimore gamer believed to have been the shooter at the Jacksonville Landing.…
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.@WJXTvic @justin_fenton: this is probably above your pay grade, but #TheLandingMassShooting is ultimately due to cultural problems. Not guns, not drugs: Kultur. Depraved, unpatriotic NeoLiberal leaders playing to worst instincts of the people.
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.@justin_fenton: in past decades, Canton Boathouse would've employed child labor or slaves, then whined about it when stopped. #Baltimore
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.@justin_fenton: i.e., Canton Boathouse employed illegal labor to increase profits, harming Americans by depressing labor market. #Baltimore
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MT @justin_fenton Canton Boathouse says it temporarily closed, "had to say goodbye" to 30 employees after DHS did immigration records check
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From @ArcticFox_am_I
RT @mlbosin: @justin_fenton Geezus. That is despicable. @AnnCoulter told Conservatuves to be more violent. Maybe his family could sue he…
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.@ArcticFox_am_I @mlbosin @justin_fenton: how to undercut Coulter *to her fans* (to the extent she isn't doing it):