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North Carolina, USA
Over- schooled public health professional; writer, consultant and former investment banker; UNC, Harvard, UChicago GSB
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From @maggieNYT
By Saturday afternoon, Trump had decided he was going to pull the plug on the Doral decision, but he waited until j…
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From @mbrooksmd1
@maggieNYT Do you mean the latest distraction stunt! We have not forgotten Syria, Ukraine, Turkey or Russia! We can walk and chew gum.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mbrooksmd1: Trump fans think he's playing "12d chess", & likewise with @maggieNYT fans. No matter how many times she completely fails to challenge Trump on the huge flaws in his policies - huge flaws that'd undercut him to his base - her fans think she's playing "12 chess".