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Maya Kaufman
Reporting on Queens for @patchtweet. Alum of @columbiajourn Stabile and @KenyonCollege. Se habla español. DMs are open /
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From @thomasfullerNYT
Thanks to Jake Orta who patiently let me follow him around for three months to report this story about trash pickin…
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From @mayakauf
@thomasfullerNYT This is a great piece!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mayakauf: @thomasfullerNYT spent 3 months on a tale about Zuck's trash. The last thing he'd do is real reporting like the huge flaws in Zuck's policies (see FWDUS) and following the money on how Zuck's policies would help his bottom line. Trash picking isn't real reporting.