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Matt Cover
Real Virginia
Recovering journalist. Health Insurance/Benefits broker. Guitar player. Gamer. Outdoorsman. Opinionated-American.
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RT @MattCover: French Nazi joins KKK leader David Duke and NJ Gov. Chris Christie in endorsing Trump. #thecompanyyoukeep…
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.@JeffQuinton @MattCover @JeffQuinton: reality/honesty check. What does @MLP_Officiel say about Trump's Muslims plan? Repeat it for us.
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.@MattCover: jobs won't stop radicalization, but they will reduce the pool of recruits. Are you capable of figuring that out?
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@MattCover: @JasonMattera couldn't find "tough question" w/ 2 hands. He refused my offer to help him craft real questions. #tcot #p2 #GOP