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Alexander Marquardt
Washington, DC
@CNN Senior National Correspondent focusing on National Security. Ex-@ABC Beirut/Jerusalem/Moscow. IG: @MarquardtCNN
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From @juliaioffe
Tune in to @CNN to catch me chatting with my old buddy @MarquardtA!
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From @DickJackman1
@juliaioffe @CNN @MarquardtA I think you nailed it, really good job. I get so angry when everyone uses the informat…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DickJackman1: while it's OK of @juliaioffe to blog that Putin is probably more interested in chaos than supporting specific candidates, Putin is rich/smart/ruthless/KGB. It's not smart to p;resume to know what he wants. Censorship does serve his goals, does she oppose that?