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.@FeldmanAdam: @AnnCoulter hypes that 2011 @juliaioffe tweet. Why don't we try something smart: Think you can help?
.@FeldmanAdam acts as Answer Man, explaining away this by @juliaioffe:
.@juliaioffe: Putin pays people to push his agenda. You're paid to push Allbritton's agenda. You could've just stayed in RU w/ lower rent.
.@juliaioffe: interesting Politico story about Melania Trump's possible immigration status. Should she be deported? Given amnesty?
.@juliaioffe: *only* way to stop Trump is to make happen: everything else has failed. Will you help do that?
.@adlermusic: what @juliaioffe complains about in Russia exists here: almost all media follows oligarchs' line on #immigration. #tcot #ows
.@juliaioffe: hey Julia, how is Russian state-owned media on #MH17 different from state-linked #TNR on #immigration? #GosTNR #tcot #ows #sgp